Produced by Gebrüder Beetz Filmproduktion
Documentary series written and directed by Tristan Ferland Milewski
starring sexologist and best-selling author Ann-Marlene Henning

The successful and critically acclaimed German TV Award 2017 and Grimme Online Award 2014 nominated documentary format “MAKE LOVE” is entering its fifth season on ZDF.

„Explicit without being pornographic; empathetic without being presumptuous; always funny, never embarassing. A voice like this has been missing in the public debate …“

„Probably one of the bravest and most provocative German productions since a very long time.“

„What you get to see (…) resembles a small revolution.“

„Yes, you need to be brave to do this kind of format.(…) The first episode, which just aired, avoids all kinkiness, greasiness, sleaziness inherent to this subject.“
Die Zeit

In our allegedly enlightened society where sex is omnipresent in the public sphere, the true taboos are the silence, insecurities and knowledge gaps within our private relationships. The documentary series MAKE LOVE takes us into the authentic and individual realities of different persons between the ages of 20 and 100 alongside sexologist, couple therapist and best selling author Ann-Marlene Henning. Her expertise, tact and exhilarant naturalness allow Ann-Marlene Henning to help the couples (and us) break the silence.

While interacting with Ann-Marlene Henning, the partners learn to really perceive themselves and their significant other, thus finding true intimacy. With the help of real couples, MAKE LOVE additionally shows many lesser known facts about good sex, regardless of gender and sexual orientation.